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Damonte Ranch Letterman

Frequently Asked Questions

In-stock letterman / varsity jackets take 1-2 weeks and custom ordered jackets can take up to 6 weeks. These delivery times are predicated on the fact that you have approved the artwork for the jacket.

Jackets start at $259. This cost includes a 24 ounce Melton wool body and leather sleeves. Patches start at $30 each. Embroidery of your first name on the right chest runs $10 and an embroidered last name on the back runs $30.

See the previous answer.

It certainly varies from student to student, but we have seen them delivered between $259 (+ sales tax; we sew on the varsity or academic letter at no cost) and $600. It all depends on your personal tastes and your accomplishments.

These are top-of-the-line letterman jackets made from the finest materials. This stuff aint cheap. There are less expensive alternatives out there, but we think that they sell inferior products. Also, there is a ton of hand craftsmanship that goes into these jackets.

The school will supply the varsity or academic letter. Other than that, they usually don’t. However, some clubs do supply students with patches so it doesn’t hurt to ask if they do.


Please note! Sierra Lutheran High School in Carson City does provide the Grad Year patches in addition to the Varsity and Academic Letters.

We currently do not offer tailoring services like the ones described.

Stop by the store to see all of the patch & font options. We will be posting them online very soon.

Dry clean only when necessary. During warmer months when you are not wearing the jacket, simply place the jacket in the garment bag and place it in the closet.

There are no rules with regard to where the patches must go, but there are ‘typical’ locations for the patches and such.

  • Mascot patch at the top of one sleeve
  • Grad Year at the top of the other sleeve
  • Icon patches are generally placed below the Mascot patch
  • Text patches are normally affixed under the Grad Year patch

Of course! There is normally room for 4 patches per sleeve (XS may only allow 3 patches; oversized jackets may allow 5 or more) and we can add patches anytime!

Normally, they get placed on the back, but can also be placed on the front or anywhere else there’s room for them.

You do not. We will process your letterman/varsity jacket order with just $259 down (or $279 + sales tax).

We do! sometimes it can save you $50 – $100. The best way to catch these sales is to become a fan of The Graphics Factory on Facebook.

If it is custom order, the short answer is ‘no’. The factory that manufactures these jackets build thousands a day and the do not expedite orders. If you are ordering a stock jacket, call us at (775) 888-2000 and we will do everything we can to help you (within reason).

Of course we can! We perform all the embroidery in-house and can custom make just about any patch or motif. Call us (775) 888-2000 and tell us about your idea.

They are 3.5″ wide x 5″ tall. Most times, we can fit 4-5 state patches in a single row on a jacket. The number of rows and ultimately the number of total state patches that will fit will depend on the size of the jacket itself.

No, it is included in the price of the patch.

We can stack them on your jacket. Normally speaking, the Academic patch goes on top.

The body of the letterman / varsity jacket is made of wool and is ‘self-healing’. This means that we can remove patches and letters and it does no harm to the jacket. The sleeves are made of leather and would leave significant evidence of a previous patch. We HIGHLY discourage you from moving patches on the sleeves.

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